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From a greatly interested person:
Starting a letter-writing campaign to FNC, if you want to join in, pass along, here’s the general template I whipped up between calls this AM:
Recent coverage or more aptly put, LACK of coverage of the obvious voter fraud and mail-in ballot sabotage foisted upon the American people during the 2020 Presidential Election has outraged me.  As a regular and frequent viewer of FNC, I feel betrayed, ignored, and disrespected as your network has blithely crowned Biden “President-Elect”…a term that comes only after the electors actually elect him, while at the same time wholly disregarding the abundant evidence of election interference and irregularities in at least six states, if not more/all!
This lack of transparency on the part of FNC is not reporting, it is not journalism, rather it is UNAMERICAN – and it is dangerous!
FNC appears mission-driven to install Biden as President, ignoring the facts that ALL Americans can see.  You are not fooling us!
In recent days, I’ve witnessed once probative journalists/hosts/commentators who have been previously keen upon delving into the depths of stories and conducting investigative undertakings into each of their segments turn suddenly into dismissive automatons casting aside information as not being fully revealing or presented to them on a platter.
Their obvious and blatant change of temperament and tone, focus and phrase,  seems to be managed and orchestrated.
The FNC refusal to publicly follow what can only be called the greatest fraud perpetrated upon the American people in our lifetime is disgusting, disappointing, and indicative of a network that will lose ratings fast!
Ignoring fraud and doing no investigation (as is the supposed mission of journalists and investigative reporters) into Dominion, into the fraud, ballot stuffing, and intimidation that Americans faced during this Election puts Fox News in the same category as the news channels that it has been excoriating for years; or perhaps that is the new objective?
There is ample REAL evidence to follow here…news networks followed less (and PHONEY) misinformation for four years as they tried to craft a Russia hoax.  Now, suddenly, this network cannot investigate? Someone else must try cases in the public for you?  That is not only LAZY journalism, it is an overt omission that will lead to violence and chaos when the outcome is revealed in the court system.
Cases are not tried in public – we are not living in 15th Century Europe!
Will FNC undertake NO legwork to uncover the biggest national security threat in a century, one that impedes fair and free elections in America?
Likely, I won’t tune in to your network to find out.
Address to:
Suzanne Scott, CEO
Fox News Corporate Office Headquarters News Corporation 1211 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10036

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