Pennsylvania House Speaker Cutler files to support Texas in the Supreme Court case. Congressman Kelly has his case in the Supreme Court challenging the unconstitutional changes dictated by the Wolf Administration.


Meanwhile, our only GOP senator, Pat Toomey, is opposing the President while celebrating with Joe Biden and his leftist friends.

While patriotic and knowledgeable Republicans continue the fight to reveal what has been an orchestrated Democrat effort to manipulate the presidential election, Senator Toomey continues to show his ignorance concerning the Pennsylvania elections and the future impact of the deep and widespread fraud which has been typical of Pennsylvania politics.


The stupidity of this man is plain for all to see in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette of December 9 where it is reported that Toomey “…believes the moves by Mr. Trump and some Republicans could damage public faith in elections…” The only question is whether he is as inept as this statement would indicate or is he continuing to demean President Trump just as he did in Butler, PA during the 2016 campaign?


Toomey has shamed the people who voted for President Trump and the Republican Party itself. We have a president who has stood firmly against the now totally corrupted Democrat machine which has flourished under the globalist Bush presidencies followed by the anti-American presidency of Obama where the “transformation” requiring the changing of our “traditions and heritage” is now visible for all to see.

Hillary was to finish the transformation and, in my opinion, would have succeeded easily had not Donald Trump chosen to save America under the MAGA flag. He has given America, the Republican Party, and all of us who view ourselves as patriotic Americans one more chance to get it right.


However, during the 2016 campaign, the Democrats started their attempts to destroy President Trump immediately upon his declaration of candidacy. It was then that the socialists, communists and globalists associated with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) rose in their attempt to destroy the Trump presidency at every turn. And, it has never stopped with the 2020 election fraud being the latest corrupt attempt to establish a permanent Democrat dictatorship (Cloward-Piven) supported by their Socialist, Communist allies and supported by the Soros-type Globalists with the Chinese Communist Party.


There can be no global communist government where freedom reigns supreme and America is, in fact, the last hope for mankind to live with individual freedoms. Therefore, the destruction of American elections is now a last resort for the Obama/Soros transformation as four more years under President Trump will present the opportunity for America to continue as a freedom-loving country.


Meanwhile, our Pennsylvania U.S. Senator Pat Toomey either ignores or is ignorant of what has been developing around him. He should have gotten a hint when the CPUSA (Communist Party USA) declared they had no reason to continue running a presidential candidate because the Democrat Party had adopted all of their platforms.


In closing, Toomey’s phone contacts follow. He clearly needs to hear from all of us who share a love for this country and share a loyalty to Donald Trump who continues to fight against the godless forces comprising the leftist movement.


Toomey Pittsburgh Office: 412-803-3501

Toomey Washington DC Office: 202-224-4254


William E. Been

December 10, 2020

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