US Senate Candidate John Vernon to address Brown Bag Meeting August 29

John Vernon, a Candidate for the US Senate from Pennsylvania 2012, will be in Erie to address the Brown Bag meeting, which is a weekly meeting of Republicans who are the working backbone of the party. Anybody who is interested, in meeting, greeting and knowing more of the candidate and his positions, is invited to attend. He will be here on August 29, 2011 to address the group at Regency South Shore  (please see below for details)

From time to time the Chairman Verel Salmon receives contacts from candidates for public office and they are invited to address the members. Marc Scaringi, also a candidate for US Senate had addressed the group earlier in the year. These meetings allow the candidates needed exposure to Erie County voters in their quest.

AUGUST 15, 2011: Will be held as usual at 12 Noon at the Regency at South Shore.


AUGUST 29, 2011:
John Vernon, Candidate for US Senate from Pennsylvania 2012, will be addressing   the meeting at 12 NOON.
PLACE:  The Regency at South Shore 322 Washington Place Erie, PA 16505
see John Vernon’s page

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