The Real-Time Steal

Talk radio host Kevin McCullough put out the call that night for followers to capture live video proof of votes changing in real-time and twitter users didn’t disappoint. Twitter user Mr. Rhodes provided videos of votes changing on-screen during live coverage from Fox News, CNN and even ABC.

Videos showed changes of 10k and 20k votes on Fox News’ stream and during the CNN stream a difference of 31,400 is evident. Twitter user @amuse who according to their twitter header specializes in “Building Stuff & Consulting • Leveraging Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, & Blockchain to Solve Problems.” posted that

“Edison data from Dominion machines adds votes for each candidate, but sometimes deletes votes for Republicans.”

Déjà vu in Georgia Votes Flip for Democrats in Real-Time – The GOP Times

It was election night Déjà vu as reported numbers suddenly shifted with votes subtracted from Loeffler and Perdue and added to Democrats in GA

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