We were greeted Monday morning with news channels declaring panic at the horrifying news that COVID had reached a higher level of concern with record “cases” threatening every aspect of our lives. The stock market was crashing, schoolchildren were in serious danger and the word “lockdown” was frequently used.

Of course, this followed Dr. Fauci’s continued attempts to undermine President Trump by speaking about “masks” at length and again reminding the American people that we need a uniform approach applied all across the country. He also declared that we should not expect a return to “normalcy” even with therapies and vaccines as his political bias and globalist loyalties prevail over facts, science, and any consideration for either the American people or President Trump’s Task Force.

All of this fearmongering led Biden to declare to the American people that fatalities were running 1000/day when, in reality, the rate was running between 700-750 per day.

If Fauci, the Mainstream Media and the Democrat Party even had a slight bit of honesty, they would know there are many reasons why “cases” are not an effective measure of overall progress and certainly are not the predictor of the Second Wave they are desiring for their own self-centered personal reasons.

All of the above is supported by a simple relationship between fatalities and cases where basic arithmetic tells a totally different story as the dramatic increase in “cases” has not been accompanied by a similar increase in fatalities. Instead of the election-driven fearmongering, we should be celebrating what has been accomplished as we await further application of effective therapies and, of course, until we have Fauci’s vaccine.

A simple ratio of the “cases” per fatality shows a remarkable change has occurred with a dramatic increase in “cases” required to generate each fatality.

  • While 46% of the current fatalities occurred by May 31, 2020, the definition of “cases” was very important with one death occurring for every 15-20 “cases” while, currently, the moving average shows one death per every 80 “cases.”
  • Throughout much of August and September, the “cases” number had inflated to where one death was incurred for every 45-50 “cases” showing dramatic improvement in managing the highly infectious virus.
  • During the latter September, the improvement continued reaching a level of one fatality every 60-65 cases.
  • However, of greatest importance to the current fearmongering led by Fauci, Biden and the Mainstream Media are the facts showing this ratio increased to 70 “cases” per death on October 12, over 80 on October 19 and, as of October 25 the ratio shows 87 “cases” per death.
  • The above shows our ability to manage a “case” has increased 5 to 6 times what it was in the April-May period.

Several logical reasons for this dramatic improvement are noted as follows:

  • Therapies
  • Significant increase in testing capability
  • Virus Weakening
  • Preventive focus on over 65 age group
  • High level of asymptomatic cases for many reasons
  • “Cases” overstated for many reasons including financial and political
  • Fauci gloom and doom

Dr. Fauci is projecting a huge spike and he may be correct; however, the evidence indicates that “cases” are not a legitimate measure of effectivity in projecting virus mitigation. It is also evident that “cases” have become a sensationalized substitute for fatalities while ignoring the progress and success described above.

In addition, please remember, per the CDC website, fatalities from pneumonia in 2020 are slightly higher than COVID fatalities and 43% of COVID fatalities have pneumonia comorbidity.

The politicizing of the virus has been another low in our nation’s history as the anti-American leftist Democrats and the power-hungry global communists attempt to use the virus to determine the presidential election outcome and the future of our country. The godless Democrats have no shame while the globalists have no limits in their quest for world domination.

Prepared by: William E. Been

October 26, 2020

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