Unemployment stayed at 9.1% during the month of September, serving as another reminder that reminder that President Obama’s economic policies are failing to put Pennsylvanians back to work. The $825 billion President Obama spent on the first stimulus hasn’t delivered, proving that we can’t afford to double down on the same failed policies with a new Stimulus 2.0.

PA GOP Chairman Gleason released the following statement: “Thanks to job-friendly leadership from Governor Corbett who has championed pro-growth, pro-jobs policies all year, Republicans have been able to keep President Obama’s disasterous economic policies at arm’s length. Tax hikes on small businesses and a half a trillion dollars in ‘stimulus’ spending are not the answers to our economic problems. With this latest month of stagnant job growth and no new solutions from President Obama, Pennsylvania will be looking for new leadership in the White House in 2012.”

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