It appears Pat Toomey has joined the Biden Campaign with his now daily remarks pretending to somehow be possessed with the moral and intellectual high ground relative to whether an election fraught with systemic and multiple random examples of Vote Count Fraud should be challenged to the fullest extent under the law. His existence in the US Senate has finally been recognized as he is now the new champion of the Mainstream Media and the corrupted Democrat Party.


Frankly, Toomey’s arrogance and ignorance of the Voter Fraud situations across multiple states including Pennsylvania is beyond words. Does he have any basis for his perception that he knows the needs of America and the voters at a level superior to President Trump, Ted Cruz, Mike Kelly and a multitude of other true Republicans? The answer lies in his performance in his last election in 2016 when Donald Trump was also elected to the presidency!!


One might think Toomey, Pennsylvania resident, perhaps had attracted more Republican voters than Trump for him to have such a high opinion of himself. Wrong!!! Trump received 2.97 million votes while Toomey received 2.95 million votes indicating that Trump probably pulled Toomey across the finish line in Toomey’s narrow victory over his Democrat opponent.

Last, and probably more indicative of Toomey as a 2020 spokesman for Biden are the counties in Pennsylvania where he did beat President Trump  which are the same heavily Democrat counties that, along with Philadelphia, basically offset the 58 Republican counties in Pennsylvania.


In fact, to illustrate the point, Toomey’s votes exceeded President Trump by approximately 85,000 in the following six dominantly Democrat counties: Allegheny, Montgomery Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia, and Lancaster.


So, who is Toomey serving with his most recent media-oriented denial of Voter Fraud while the President continues to pursue constitutionally guaranteed alternatives showing Voter Fraud of truly unbelievable proportions in the critical battleground states and even Nevada. The real FRAUD is Toomey placing an “R” by his name while ignoring the Voter Fraud facts and the 58 Republican counties in Pennsylvania that elected Donald Trump to the presidency.


William E. Been


Prepared on 12/17/2020 (After Toomey’s most recent attack on the President while supporting

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