Scandinavian reporters in Erie

Two Scandinavian reporters Jonas Cullberg and Mattias Lundblad, who is also a photographer, representing the Norwegian monthly magazine Aftenposten Innsikt are in Erie.

They are interested in the upcoming general election, more importantly, the presidential contest and wanted to interview Trump supporters who were former Democrat voters and the reasons for their switching their support to President Trump in 2016. They attended the Trump Land and Lake parade on September 6, 2020, that took place between noon and 4 pm. They followed the route from K-Mart Plaza West to the Dobbins Landing taking part in the parade and later watched the Lake Boat parade at the bayfront. They plan to leave on September 8, 2020, back to their home base.

Mr. David Rubbico was interviewed together with Dr. Winston Chu and Mrs. Paulette Chu

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