Republicans to be at Meadville Halloween Parade, October 29

Don’t forget the Meadville Halloween Parade on Saturday, October 29,2011  (largest night time parade in PA)  The GOP contingent is #84.  Rep Mike Kelly,  PA Senator Bob Robbins and Reps Michel Brooks & Brad Roae will be with us to support our great candidates and volunteers.  HQ will be open so please stop by (312 Chestnut Street).  Come on down !!

Halloween Parade

PO Box 231

Meadville, PA 16335
Treasure Island – 45rd Annual Meadville Halloween Parade – October 29th

Parade Info

From the Stone Age to the Iron Age, Kings’ Court to Pilgrims’ Landing, the Crawford Area Young Chamber of Commerce is taking Meadville Through the Ages this Halloween night to celebrate the rich history of our area. Join us for a trip back in time — when Shakespeare ruled the stage or flappers stole the show. On October 29th, you’ll have a chance to make David Mead proud by celebrating your favorite era of history in costume and spirit at the 45th Annual Meadville Halloween Parade. So let’s march through town together on a magical timeline and watch history come alive!

The Annual CAYCC Halloween Parade has been called the largest nighttime parade in Pennsylvania, often featuring 150 or more units and attracting as many as 20,000 spectators who line the parade-route streets of downtown Meadville. Under this year’s theme, parade participants are invited to show themes “Through the Ages”.

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