Greetings Team Trump!

I wanted to let you know about a very special candidate who will be in Erie on Sunday & Monday.

Rebecca Warren is a candidate for Pennsylvania’s Superior Court. You’re invited to meet her on Sunday, March 31st, from 4:00-6:00pm, at 8343 Edinboro Road, in Mc Kean. This event is being sponsored by the members of Erie County’s West County Republican committee.

On Monday, April 1st (no kidding), Rebecca will be greeting people attending the season opening of Sara’s restaurant which is located on Peninsula Drive at the entrance to Presque Isle State Park. If you can’t make it on Sunday, come celebrate the opening of Sara’s restaurant and meet Rebecca.

A little background on Rebecca: She has 27 years of courtroom experience, was elected as District Attorney in Montour County, is a strong advocate for children as well as the elderly, and is currently employed as corporate counsel. Remember the Re-count effort to steal the election from Donald Trump in 2016? Rebecca Warren and attorney Lawrence Tabas worked tirelessly, and free of charge, to protect the election results in Pennsylvania! We need her in our court system!

I have known Rebecca for almost 5 years. She is a woman of utmost integrity, intelligence, honesty, and has the temperament to make an outstanding judge on our Superior Court. Those of you who know me from the Trump campaign, know that I vet candidates carefully. Rebecca Warren is the only Statewide candidate I am endorsing in this election.

I hope to see you all on Sunday or Monday! As soon as I know who our campaign manager will be for President Trump’s re-election, I will be sure to let you know. Stay tuned to these emails

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