Press Release: Erie County Board of Elections

November 4, 2011: Election Day, November 8, 2011, is approaching rapidly.  The Erie County Board of Elections asks your assistance in informing voters about several unique items on this year’s municipal ballot.

Voters in Fairview and Millcreek Townships will find ballot questions regarding the form of their local government.  Fairview voters will see “Shall Fairview Township elect two additional supervisors to serve the township, bringing the total number of supervisors to five?” If the Fairview question passes, then the selection of two additional supervisors will take place at the November 2012 General Election. One will have a three year and one will have a five year term. Naturally there would first be a primary for those two seats in April 2012.  If the question fails, it may not be reconsidered for three years.  This change in and of itself would not necessarily move Fairview from a full time supervisor format unless such a change was passed by the Board.  Similarly, the format of full time supervisors/township employees or part-time supervisors with a township manager would be decided by a vote of the Board of Supervisors.

Millcreek voters also have a referendum question “Shall a government study commission of seven members be elected to study the existing form of government of Millcreek Township, to consider the advisability of the adoption of an optional form of government and to recommend whether or not an optional plan of government be adopted?”

Following the referendum question, Millcreek voters will be asked to select not more than seven members for a Government Study Commission.  All 20 candidates will appear on the same ballot page. The Board of Elections encourages all voters to select seven Government Study Commission Candidates even if that voter is against the establishment of a study commission.

James W. Gloekler, Bud Brown, Lou Aliota, Richard S. Millhouse, Robert Bierre, Gary D. Bax, Thomas S. Osiecki, Thomas Hutzelman, Robert C. Praetzel,Douglas A. Prozan, JoAnn Mullen, Joseph Bell, John Groh, Al Detter, Steven Srnka, Gerald Servidio, William D. Lamberton, Jason R. Owen, Dan Bensur, and Brian Paul Martin.

Should the referendum fail, the election of any commissioners would be voided and the question could not be reintroduced for five years.  Should the referendum pass, the elected commissioners are directed to meet within 15 days to organize.  The commission would be given nine months to produce a recommendation for voters. The commission is given the choice of the following by the statute: The Study Commission may only recommend formats allowable under the 2nd Class Township Code:

  1.  A change to 5 supervisors,
  2.  3 or 5 supervisors and a township manager
  3.  No Change

If the recommendation of the Commission were among the choices previously noted, it would then go on the next municipal ballot in 2013.   If the Commission’s recommendations were for no change, then the process would come to an immediate conclusion.


Veteran’s Day is Friday, November 11th and the Courthouse will be closed.  Therefore, the official Final Count will be rescheduled to Monday, November 14, 2011 beginning at 9:00 a.m. As with all elections, published results on Election Day are unofficial until the conclusion of the Final Count.

Erie County citizens are reminded that they may request a provisional or paper ballot should they find themselves not among the registered voters in their precinct.  Provisional ballots are set aside until the Final Count while the status of the voter in question is checked by the Erie County Voter Registration Office.  Those voters who are duly registered will receive credit for any votes cast.  Voters who vote provisionally outside their district will only receive credit for votes that are cast in countywide races.

Phone traffic is generally heavy on Election Day so it may be difficult for voters with questions about their registration to get through to the Registration Office.  We recommend voters to check their status before Election Day:

  • Do you know where your polling place is?
  • Are you registered under your current name and address?

You may locate information about your polling place at under the Voter Registration Office.  A search function allows you to input your address and determine your polling place.

A reminder to the voters of Erie 6 and 7 who are used to voting at Saint Andrews will now cast their ballots at Strong Vincent High School. They should enter using the north door.

For information about these and other issues, please call Douglas R. Smith, Clerk of Elections at 451-6303 or Sharon Drayer, Election Supervisor at 451-6276.  This release comes under the auspices of the Erie County Election Board comprised of Ebert Beeman, Ronald Cleaver, and Joseph F. Giles, Chairman.








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