Pre-Election Rally for local GOP

Erie County Republicans rallied at the Rainbow Gardens at Waldameer on Friday October 28, 2011 beginning at 5 pm in support of candidates running for various municipal and

Donna Reese at Rally

judicial offices at the state and local levels, on November 8th.

Chairman Salmon introduced US Rep. Mike Kelly (PA-3) who delivered a rousing address.  Amongst the speakers were Ben Wren-PaGOP representative, David Mitchell- governor’s representative, Mary Schaaf-candidate for controller, Donna Reese-candidate for Millcreek supervisor, Rebecca Styn’s representative-candidate for county council, Bob Praetzel-cnadidate for auditor Millcreek Township and Tom Hutzelman-candidate for Millcreek Study commission.

A message from US Senate candidate John Vernon was read by Dick Brozell. Music and sound system was managed by Joe Salorino, committee man. Hot dogs, bratwurst, soft drinks and beer were served to attendees.The event concluded at 9 pm.

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