Cawley: Gas industry is paying its share


State lieutenant governor tells TL Editorial Board that jobs and tax revenues are already adding up. BILL O ’ BOYLE

WILKES-BARRE – Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley said Wednesday the natural gas industry has been paying its fair share, and a gas severance tax is not the answer to the state’s budget woes.

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Pointing to the state’s existing tax structure, Cawley noted that recent figures released by the Department of Revenue show the oil and gas companies and their affiliates have already paid – through April (first quarter) $238.4 million in capital stock/foreign franchise tax, corporate net income tax, sales/use tax and employer withholding tax to the state.

Cawley said that represents nearly $20 million more than the total revenue collected from the industry in all of 2010.  Continue reading “Cawley: Gas industry is paying its share”

State voter ID bill gets backing

Voters should have to show photo identification before casting a ballot, Pennsylvania’s secretary of the commonwealth said Tuesday.

Secretary Carol Aichele told county elections officials at a conference in Lancaster that the requirement would help “protect the integrity of every vote.”

The state House passed a bill on June 23 that would require voters to show a government-issued photo ID with their name and an expiration date. The bill by Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-Cranberry, is awaiting Senate action. Continue reading “State voter ID bill gets backing”


Kate Smith was born and grew up in Columbia, Missouri. In early 1940, Kate Smith, a fiercely patriotic American, and the biggest star on radio, was deeply worried about her country.

She asked Irving Berlin if he could give her a song that would re-ignite the spirit of American patriotism and faith. He said he had a song that he had written in 1917, but never used it.

Now, in 2011 unemployment is high, the economy is shaky, inflation is nipping at our pocket books, the stock market is gyrating wildly and we are again deeply worried about our country. Hopefully we all can find our spirit lifting up to hear the original singer and the song.