End Obamacare, don’t mend it

Washington Times – Rep. Steve King and Sen. Jim DeMint

Every election, voters are told that this election is the most important of our lifetimes. In most elections, it’s not really true. In 2012, though, it probably is true, for one reason: Obamacare.

Two years after a Democratic Congress and President Obama foisted onto the American people an unpopular trillion-dollar takeover of American health care, we know that Obamacare is, in fact, even more unpopular than before and that it will cost almost $2 trillion. Continue reading “End Obamacare, don’t mend it”

Mike Kelly on Obamacare

Dear Friend,

When the president was trying to sell his massive health care bill to Congress and the American people, he promised during a Joint Session of Congress that, “the plan I’m proposing will cost around $900 billion over 10 years.”

This week, the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) and Congressional Budget Office (CBO), both nonpartisan agencies, said the actual cost of the president’s health care law will be $1.76 trillion over 10 years, nearly double what the president said it would be. Continue reading “Mike Kelly on Obamacare”

Time for a cut, cap & balance budget

By: Sen. Jim DeMint and Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Mike Lee and Sen. Ron Johnson and Sen. Marco Rubio
March 16, 2012 04:42 AM EDT

The most important policy imperative in the world today is for the United States to balance its budget. Though the reasons we must do so are economic, the reasons we should are fundamentally moral.

Everything our republic means to our citizens, and everything America means to the world – friend and foe alike – depends on our ability to pay our bills and honor our debts.

The full faith and credit of the United States — on which depends our reputation and, ultimately, our security, prosperity and freedom — is at risk today as never before. In recent years, under presidents and Congresses of both parties, we have racked up yawning deficits and mushrooming debt that now pose a danger to America as we know it. Continue reading “Time for a cut, cap & balance budget”

VIDEO: Corbett signs voter ID bill

PA Independent

HARRISBURG — Gov. Tom Corbett signed into law Wednesday evening a bill that will require all voters to bring photo identification with them to the polls in November.

Corbett said the legislation would ensure the legitimacy of elections in Pennsylvania and uphold the principle of “one man, one vote” by preventing voter fraud.

The bill goes into effect immediately, though voters will be allowed to vote in the April 24 primary election without a photo ID, but will be reminded to bring one for the general election.

Voters without valid identification may cast a provisional ballot and will have six days to present their identification to the county election office to have their vote counted.

The bill was approved by the state Senate last week and the state House concurred with the Senate vote on Wednesday.

Democrats in both chambers loudly opposed the bill, which they said was a political attempt to disenfranchise some voters — including the elderly, those with disabilities and the youth — who typically vote Democratic.

Pa. bill moves toward OK


HARRISBURG — Democrats are running into staunch Republican resistance in their attempts to stop a Pennsylvania House bill to require all voters to show certain photo identification before their ballot could be counted.

The bill was expected to pass today once majority Republicans defeated various Democratic-penned amendments on Monday.

The Republican bill would give Pennsylvania one of the nation’s toughest voter ID laws in what Republicans say is an effort to prevent voting fraud.

But Democrats say, to solve a problem that doesn’t exist, it’ll make it harder for the elderly, poor and disabled to get their votes counted.

Gov. Tom Corbett, also a Republican, says he’ll sign it. It received Senate approval last week.

Corbett aims to capitalize on Pittsburgh region’s accolades


Gov. Tom Corbett will visit France and Germany on the first trade mission of his administration with a delegation that includes Pittsburgh business and tourism executives to rally interest and investment in Pennsylvania.

Under a marketing effort dubbed “Best of the World Pittsburgh Partnership,” Corbett announced the trip during a news conference on Friday in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Downtown, organized by the Allegheny Conference on Community Development to capitalize on a series of “best of” magazine lists that feature Pittsburgh as a “most livable” or “must see” destination. Continue reading “Corbett aims to capitalize on Pittsburgh region’s accolades”

Governor’s tours

Governor Tom Corbett had a busy week as he continued his travels around the Commonwealth, talking to citizens and businesses about his 2012-2013 proposed budget. Governor Corbett visited Wiwinco Vinyl Windows in Berks County and discussed how his pro-jobs, pro-growth agenda will help Pennsylvania families and businesses. Click here for more information about Governor Corbett’s Jobs Tour.

Pat Toomey helps write jobs bill

Colby Itkowitz, Morning Call

WASHINGTON — Late last year U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., joined three Democrats in writing three separate but related bills intended to make it simpler for small businesses and startups to access money.

On Thursday, the U.S. House, in a rare showing of bipartisanship, passed legislation that included versions of Toomey’s three bills. Just 23 Democrats voted against the measure. Every Pennsylvania representative supported it. Continue reading “Pat Toomey helps write jobs bill”

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