As we reach the end of the Obama’s fundraising quarter, let’s take a peek at what the Obama Administration has been doing over the past few months (especially since he’s more concerned about saving his job then letting you keep yours).

Obamanomics: Slower Growth, More Poverty, And More Pessimism

  • The Associated Press:“The Economy Is Sickly, And He’s In Charge.” “The economy is sickly, and he’s in charge. That’s not only threatening his re-election; it’s also making it more difficult to inspire people to open their checkbooks for his campaign.” (Erica Werner, “Fundraiser Obama Works In Tough Money Environment,” The Associated Press, 9/26/11)
  • Reuters: “The U.S. Economy Grew Much Slower Than Previously Thought In The Second Quarter As Business Inventories And Exports Were Less Robust …” (“Economic Growth Slows To Crawl, GDP Increase At 1%,” Reuters, 8/26/11)

·         “Three In Four Americans Assess The U.S. Economy As No Better Than A Year Ago, With 35% Saying It Is About The Same And 42% Saying It Is Worse.”(Jeffrey M. Jones, “In U.S., 6 In 10 Do Not Expect The Economy To Improve Soon,” Gallup,9/21/11)

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