ObamaCare Continues To Prove Itself A Failure

Administration Grants 39 New Waivers Bringing Total To 1,471

Last Friday Afternoon, The Administration Released Word That It Had Granted 39 New Waivers From ObamaCare. “The Obama administration granted 39 waivers from part of the President’s health care law last month, bringing the total to 1,471 an announcement which is prompting one Republican Senator to introduce legislation that would allow all Americans to apply for a waiver.” (Mary Bruce, “Health Care Waivers Now At 1,471,” ABC NewsPolitical Punch,” 7/15/11)   Over 1.5 Million Union Workers Have Plans That Received Waivers From ObamaCare. (“Annual Limits Policy:  Protecting Consumers, Maintaining Options, And Building A Bridge To 2014,” Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services, Accessed 7/18/11)
Unions Say They Need Relief From ObamaCare So That Employees Can Keep Their Coverage. “Some of its chapters have obtained waivers, the union concedes, but notes the waivers were anticipated by Democrats who passed the law. ‘The waiver process is a key part of healthcare reform because it helps ensure that workers won’t lose their employer-provided health coverage,’ SEIU states on its website.” (Alexander Bolton, “SEIU Fights Healthcare Repeal After Obtaining Waivers From Law,” The Hill, 2/2/11)

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