John Vernon had a Meet & Greet today in Erie

John Vernon, Republican candidate for US Senate currently held by Bob Casey(D), was at a meet and greet organized by Dick and Shirley Brozell in cooperation with Rebecca Conley, local coordinator for the Vernon campaign, at the Colony Pub & Grill.

The meet at a 12 noon luncheon was followed by a short speech where Vernon told his life history as a 32 year veteran of the US Army with assignments in Europe, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, where he worked with and knew Gen. Petraeus and also how he narrowly escaped from death and injury when a car bomb exploded in front of his office while serving in Saudi Arabia.

He stressed the need for taking the country back from the hardships that we are currently experiencing due to the policies of Pres. Obama and Sen. Casey who had voted 97% of the times with the administration, especially the imposition of and cost of excessive regulations, stimulus mediated debt and Obamacare.

He stated that the strength of America is in the people and not in big government and that 2012 must be the year to take back the White House and the Senate to bring back prosperity, before it is too late.

Questions from the audience were answered with conservative values clearly and succinctly about the Second Amendment, the UN treaty on small arms control and the withdrawal from Iraq which was announced by Pres. Obama.

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