John Vernon at Brown Bag Meeting

August 29, 2011- John Vernon candidate for the US Senate seat held by Senator Bob Casey carried his campaign into Erie today.

John Vernon today

He was invited to address the Brown Bag meeting group which meets every Monday at the Regency Lake Shore. Chairman Verel Salmon introduced the candidate after the discussion group had conducted its business in preparation for the upcoming picnic on Labor Day at Waldameer Park.

He is a retired colonel in the US Army after serving 32 years and is now seeking the US Senate seat because he says the country is in crisis and the critical condition requires remedies which the current senior senator can not or is unable to provide.

Quoting President John F Kennedy’s now famous passage from his 1961 inauguration, Vernon said that it is about what you can do for the country and not what the country can do for you. 

Amongst the many attendees was former Congressman Phil English; several of whom participated in the discussion following the address.


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