Joe Biden Falsely Claims Wabtec’s GE Transportation Erie Plant in Danger of Closure

For Immediate Release
October 13, 2020
Contact: Andrew Eisenberger


Joe Biden Falsely Claims Wabtec’s GE Transportation Erie Plant in Danger of Closure

Erie – Earlier this week during a press conference at Laborers Local 603 headquarters, ​ Joe Biden claimed ​ there is an Erie “locomotive plant thinking of shutting down here.” He was referring to the GE Transportation Erie Plant that is owned and operated by Wabtec Corporation (at 3:56).

Fortunately, Biden is wrong. The plant is not considering a shutdown. Alan Hamilton and Joe Cavalier of Wabtec shared with Congressman Mike Kelly the message they sent to plant employees after learning of Biden’s statement:

“We recently learned that during former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign rally in Erie this weekend he made an on-the-record comment that ‘a locomotive plant in Erie is thinking of shutting down.’ We want to set the record straight and let you know this statement is untrue. This site and plant are an integral part of the business and our community. As Wabtec’s design and development hub, the Erie site is leading cutting-edge innovations like the battery locomotive, FDL Advantage, and advancing additive technology. Erie will continue to play a critical role in bringing these technologies, products and services to market.”

Thankful to hear that the jobs this plant provides for Erie families are not at risk, Kelly said this of Biden’s comments:

“The employees of Local UE 506 have been through enough sleepless nights. Joe Biden, in this political move, thought he would hurt President Trump by casually mentioning, without evidence, that hundreds of Erie workers were going to lose their jobs. The hard-working people of Wabtec shouldn’t be used as political pawns. Joe should apologize to Local UE 506 and retract his false statement.”

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