Erie’s own Jean Craige Pepper Victor was sworn in today in a ceremony held at the Erie Maritime Museum by US  District Judge Sean J. McLaughlin at noon. The museum was an extremely appropriate choice for the ceremony which was to install her as a member to the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. Her nomination by Governor Tom Corbett was confirmed by the Senate on June 26,2011.

The ceremony opened with Denise Robison who herself had served on PHMC, the first female Republican to serve on Erie City Council and a former deputy secretary of Pennsylvania’s Department of Aging. She cited the importance to Erie of having Craige Pepper on the Commission since the reconstruction of the Flagship Niagara began while Robison was serving.

Pepper’s oldest son, P. Bowman Root IV, Esq. then read the proclamation with a humorous remark followed by the oath administered by Judge McLaughlin. The ceremony was attended by family and friends including many members of the Erie County Pennsylvania Republican Party. Pepper is a well-known Republican who has statewide recognition.

The PHMC is the official history agency of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Created in 1945, is responsible for the collection, conservation, and interpretation of Pennsylvania’s historic heritage, which is accomplished through the Pennsylvania State Archives, the State Museum of Pennsylvania, the Bureau of Historic Sites and Museums, the Pennsylvania Trails of History, the Bureau for Historic Preservation, and the Bureau of Management Services.


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