There has never been a more despicable group calling themselves Republicans than you who, collectively, have no significant accomplishments benefiting the American people which is particularly true of you who have been elected to public offices. You are an insult to the Republican Party, an insult to all of us who believe in the Republican Party, an insult to all 65 million of us who support the President and, above all, an insult to the good name of the most significant and successful and beloved President in the history of our country.

It further is clear that you are collectively so possessed with your childlike jealousies and hatred that you are oblivious to the basic threats confronting our country. According to your website, you are so blinded by your unjustified hatred that you profess fidelity to the Constitution by “electing Democrats who support the Constitution.” You certainly need, at minimum, to attend a Hillsdale College constitution class although the blatant stupidity of believing the National Democrats support anything but their avowed “living Constitution” would indicate you are not qualified to even understand the basics.

You make a big deal about “divided again” as if it is the fault of the current President and the current GOP. Why is there “division?” Just a few items to enlighten what is left, if any, of your Republican decency:

  • You would support Obama’s transformation of America-change our heritage and traditions
  • You would support Open Borders with the likes of George Soros
  • You would support the destruction of jobs through unbridled foreign competition
  • You would support endless wars and endless conflict in the Middle East
  • You would support the Obama-Kerry Iranian payoff and policy
  • You would join Biden and the Dems in promoting China as the new Global leader
  • You would actively support Socialism and I even wonder if you are Hoover’s communists
  • You support the Dems and angry mobs who, in words and deeds, profess hatred for America
  • You would support removing God from the Pledge of Allegiance and from political conventions
  • You would support infanticide extending abortion on demand
  • You would support ideological indoctrination in the public school system

In summary, you are using the name of Abraham Lincoln, who famously quoted that the United States could only be destroyed from within, to be the perpetrators Lincoln foresaw who would destroy our great country. And, you would do so under the cover of the name Lincoln. How much more hypocritical can any political group be than what you are displaying with your endless hatred for our President, our Republican Party, and our great country Under God while hiding your insidious behavior behind the great name Lincoln!!!!



William E. Been

August 30, 2020


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