Governor’s Budget: Basic education

The 2011/12 budget does not slash education funding

  • It returns the basic education subsidy funding to Pre-Recession & Pre-Federal

Stimulus (2008/09) levels

  • It maintains a 10-year basic education subsidy funding rate increase of 2.8%

despite the loss of more than $650 million in Federal Stimulus money for


More Local Control – Maximizes flexibility for taxpayers, school districts, parents and

students by reducing costly mandates from Harrisburg and allowing more local control

of local spending decisions

  • Property Tax Cap

Require voter approval for property tax increases above the rate of inflation

  • Freeze Teacher Salaries

One Year Freeze would save taxpayers $400 million

  • Eliminates programs that do not increase student achievement

Eliminate tuition reimbursement for Master’s degrees and increasing teacher’s

salaries for those who have them would save taxpayers $200 million

  • Allows Economic Furloughs

Allows local school districts to maintain most effective personnel without regard

for seniority when economic furloughs are necessary

  • Tenure Reform and Merit Pay

Prevents automatic tenure and provides for incentives for effective teachers who

excel in the classroom

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