Pro-Taxpayer/Pro-Growth Budget

The 2011/12 budget represents the foundation for a fiscally responsible budget not only for this year but in years to come

  • It promotes limited government and supports free enterprise and job creation

  • lt is a reality·based budget that begins to reduce the size of government much like families and businesses have had to do to their own budgets for the past 2 1/2 years
  • Balanced budget without raising taxes or fees on Pennsylvania taxpayers and businesses
    • A recent Franklin and Marshall College public opinion poll shows that Pennsylvanians are overwhelmingly against the state increasing the income tax (68%), the state sales tax (60%) or increasing business taxes (56%)
  • Reduces state spending to 2008/O9 (Pre-Recession & Pre—Federal Stimulus) levels
  • 2011/12 budget closes a $4 Billion budget gap created over the last 8 years
  • During the last 8 years spending and borrowing increased by 38%, while revenues increased by only 25%
  • No Federal Stimulus and one—time gimmicks to balance budget
  • Reduces cost of government operations by over 2%, keeping Governor Corbett’s commitment to reduce spending by 10% over 4 years
  • Freeze or roll back state government salaries for state employees and asks for them to pay more for healthcare
  • Eliminates 1500 positions (1000 are vacancies)

States are facing budget deficits of over $120 billion next year

  • If we do not cut spending by $4 billion in this budget, our shortfall, in Pennsylvania, will be $8 billion next year and will rival California’s budget deficit by 2014

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