Don’t let them steal it – volunteer now

hank you for everything you did to help Donald Trump and Mike Pence win the State of Pennsylvania!

Because of your efforts, on Monday the County Election Boards will report to the Secretary of the Commonwealth that Donald Trump and Mike Pence have won Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes!

However, liberal special interests are preparing to spend millions of dollars on a long recount process – all because they didn’t like the result of the election.

In case of a recount, we will need every single person to volunteer their time to help ensure that every vote is counted fairly and accurately. We can’t let allies of Hillary Clinton try to steal this election.

Sign up here to volunteer to help in the event of a recount. We will be in touch soon about the next steps in the process.

Thank you for all of your hard work throughout the campaign – with your continued dedication we will ensure that Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes remain in the column for Donald J. Trump!

Trump Team Pennsylvania

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