Congratulations to all Republicans Candidates in Erie County

Congratulations are extended to all victorious Republican Candidates who were successful in their bids to various offices around the county. We also extend our best regards, to those less successful for their efforts–  their hard work and diligence–shown throughout the tough campaign.

In the only countywide campaign for Controller, special congratulations go to Republican Mary Schaaf, a retired private-sector financial adviser, who defeated Democrat Casimir J. Kwitowski, the city of Erie controller who will keep that city job until January 2014, when a three-term-limit ban kicks in.

Schaaf had 22,345 votes, or 55.6 percent, to Kwitowski’s 17,843 votes, or 44.4 percent.

Several Republicans were also elected to serve on the Millcreek Commission. The results are as follows: Elected to the unpaid panel were Joann Mullen, 4,714 votes; Richard Millhouse, 3,656 votes; Douglas Prozan, 3,176 votes; William Lamberton, 3,135 votes; Jason Owen, 3,097 votes; Robert Praetzel, 3,078 votes; and Thomas Osiecki, 3,069 votes.

We shall be publishing the complete election results when officially available next Monday.

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