Ron Paul’s GOP Battle Reveals Some Truths About Political Parties

Ron Paul’s GOP Battle Reveals Some Truths About Political Parties by Ryan McMaken Recently by Ryan McMaken: The Failure of ‘Law and Order Conservatism’ When things didn’t go the way the pro-Romney leadership wanted them to go, they simply created a new GOP to replace the old one. That’s what happened in Nevada when Ron Paul supporters […]

Romney eyes Pennsylvania despite big Obama ’08 win

Associated Press – Charles Babington GETTYSBURG, PA. — Candi Ludwig is the face of Mitt Romney’s hopes in Pennsylvania, a state Republicans would love to take away from President Barack Obama this fall. Ludwig, a registered Republican and mother of two teenagers, voted for Obama in 2008 when he won Pennsylvania by more than 10 percentage […]


Washington Free Beacon – Andrew Stiles Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney made a surprise visit Thursday to the vacant headquarters of Solyndra, the latest move in a concerted GOP effort to turn the tables on the Obama campaign’s attack on Romney’s record as a private investor. Solyndra manufactured solar panels in Fremont, Calif., before it filed for […]

Unemployment rises to 8.2 percent in May

The Daily Caller – Neil Munro The nation’s unemployment rate nudged up from 8.1 percent to 8.2 percent as more people searched for a job while the nation’s employers only hired 69,000 extra workers. The bad news is another blow to President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, which has stalled amid record unemployment, debts and deficits. […]

Job Creator: Romney vs. Obama

Politics PA – Emily DiCicco Who is the real job creator, Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? Fiercely debated, the question remains a central theme in both presidential hopeful’s campaigns. Republicans attacked Obama’s economic record during a Wednesday morning conference call. During the call,  U.S. Congressman Mike Kelly, (R-Butler), and Bruce Hottle, owner of Eagle Concrete Products […]

Clinging to the Constitution and the Fight for First Amendment Rights

Human Events – Congressman Mike Kelly In 2008, then-Senator Obama apologized for saying that people from small towns in Pennsylvania “get bitter” and “cling to guns or religion” when faced with tough economic conditions. He explained, “People feel like Washington’s not listening to them, and as a consequence, they find that they can only rely […]