BYRON YORK EXCLUSIVE: Trump talks post-election fight

TRUMP TALKS POST-ELECTION FIGHT. The president called on Thursday morning to update the election challenges his campaign is making in several key states. The bottom line from our conversation: No matter what news organizations have projected, Trump says he’s confident he will win the states needed to get to 270 electoral votes. He quickly ran […]

Rasmussen: Trump’s Approval Actually Rises Postelection

President Donald Trump’s approval rating has improved in the week since the election, up 3% while his disapproval has dropped similarly, Rasmussen Reports said Tuesday. Fifty-two percent of likely voters approved of Trump’s job performance, up from 49% on Nov. 3, while the number of people disapproving of his job performance dropped to 47%, down […]

Trump accuses Democrats of cheating? What goes around comes around.

Many Democrats and their allies in the media are angry that President Trump has accused Joe Biden and Democrats of cheating to win the presidency. No doubt some are frustrated, even in victory. But why should they be surprised when Trump says the other side cheated? After all, they said the same thing four years […]

GOP holds line in state legislatures, dealing blow to Democrats

  GOP holds line in state legislatures, dealing blow to Democrats Democratic hopes of claiming control of state legislative chambers across the nation crashed into an immovable Republican wall in key states on Tuesday, a substantial blow to the party’s chances of wielding more influence in the decennial redistricting process ahead.