Paul Ryan’s response to Gene Sperling

Posted by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan on August 02, 2011 Moments ago, the President signed into law a significant bipartisan step forward in getting Washington’s fiscal house in order. Relative to the magnitude of our budget challenges, the spending cuts are modest. But judged against Washington’s dismal track record of fiscal stewardship over […]

U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly’s statement on House debt ceiling vote

Washington, D.C. — U.S. Representative Mike Kelly (PA-03) issued the following statement on his vote tonight in support of the revised Budget Control Act of 2011, which passed the House by a vote of 269-161: “Tonight, America turned an important corner. After decades of government growth and out-of-control spending, the debate in Washington has changed […]

Jean Craige Pepper sworn in today at the Erie Maritime Museum

Erie’s own Jean Craige Pepper Victor was sworn in today in a ceremony held at the Erie Maritime Museum by US  District Judge Sean J. McLaughlin at noon. The museum was an extremely appropriate choice for the ceremony which was to install her as a member to the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. Her nomination […]