Donna Reese at Junior’s Last Laugh

Title: Donna Reese at Junior’s Last LaughLocation: Junior’s Comedy ClubDescription: Fun in Fundraising-Join Us Thursday October 6th-Jr’s Last Laugh Make your reservation for great comedy, with guest emcee John Groh while helping Donna “pave a new road to Millcreek Township”. 1/2 of every ticket will be donated when you identify that your reservation is for […]

Obama Admits: Americans Not Better Off Today Than Four Years Ago

by Stephan Tawney on October 3, 2011 During his last debate with Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan famously asked voters to consider whether they were better off than four years ago. Of course, the answer was “no” and Reagan won in a landslide election. So are Americans better off today than four years ago? Is it […]


By the numbers: 80 Percent Of Americans Believe The Economy Is Still In Recession. (Jeffrey M. Jones, “In U.S., 6 In 10 Do Not Expect The Economy To Improve Soon,” Gallup,9/21/11) Only 12 Percent Of Americans Think The Economy Is Improving. (New York Times/CBS News Poll, 1452 A, MoE 3%, 9/10-15/11)  43 Percent Think The […]


Remember when Harrisburg Democrats wanted to recklessly spend our supposed $800 million surplus and Republicans wanted to save it for a rainy day? Well Pennsylvania’s rainy day came in the form of destructive flooding, and thankfully, Governor Corbett, Lieutenant Governor Cawley and members of the Republican legislature did what was fiscally responsible by saving state […]