A call to action for Pennsylvanians

The Constitution of the United States, Article 2, section 1:
Gives power solely to state legislators to appoint electors. Neither the Governor nor Secretary of State has that power.

President Trump’s attorneys are bringing evidence together from all hearings since the election to urge state legislatures to hold emergency sessions to consider and make a motion to recognize that integrity of this past election was compromised. The evidence of fraud is overwhelming meaning that the outcome of the election has been diverted away from the will of the voters. It is extremely important that pro-Trump electors need to be chosen for the December 14th vote of the Electoral College.

We urge every Trump supporter to take action and call our state legislators in Pennsylvania and demand a special session to recognize the subversion. We need them to take a special vote to recognize voter fraud in the 2020 election and rectify the aberrancy. We must not allow anyone to steal this election.

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