As we approach the turning point concerning what America will be after the political situation involving the 2020 election, the consequences of a Biden presidency were never more clearly articulated than what was presented by Mark Levine on his Sunday evening show.

His comparison of the Russian manifesto under Lenin and the over 100-page Biden manifesto should bring anyone to attention who has any historical knowledge of what the communists did and continue to do under the watchful eyes of the globalists and communist China. Everyone needs to listen to the Levine presentation where he clearly shows the modern-day Democrat Party seeking absolute and dictatorial control of the American government to implement their version of the communist manifesto.

Second, it reminds me of the words of the head of the CPUSA (Communist Party USA) when he explained to his fellow comrades that there was no need for them to continue running a candidate for the presidency because the Democrat Party had adopted all of their platform.

You can easily verify all of the above without any further justification from me. I would hope that there are few on this mailing list that are not aware of the above. But, in the event any do not believe what is above, send it to Fact Checkers or check the sources. In the event that any reader believes the establishment of a globalist communist government is some sort of meaningless conspiracy, just take a few moments and consider the consequences if you are wrong.

Personally, I see no road back to the America that many of us have loved and believed in throughout our lifetimes because the Democrats across our country have made a mockery of the Rule of Law and the United States Constitution with their Progressive to Socialist to now Communist New World Order governance so proudly proclaimed for 2021 implementation at the Davos World Forum.


Prepared by: William E. Been

January 4, 2021


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