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Our organization, Erie Republican Independent Conservatives of Pennsylvania (ERICPA)is proud to invite you for a discussion and networking opportunity- Wednesday, October 16th, at the Blasco Library – Admiral Room at 6 PM.  Please JOIN us for a lively discussion of the matters surrounding this topic !!

 This event is paramount in the discussion of our right to watch the voting polls to assure a sense of confidence and transparency in our electoral system. It critical for us to keep our eyes open in order to preserve our system’s integrity…

 Integrity, & the transparency necessary to assure its presence, is a key aspect often overlooked which can have dramatic impact on the outcome of our elections.

 If one machine is malfunctioning in a partisan manner… 
or one allowance is made for partisan behavior…
it is inexcusable and can have a major bearing on the outcome.

Let’s have an election where all VOTES count!!



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