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President Donald Trump and his personal legal team have steadily taken a more aggressive posture toward Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
The offensive escalated over the weekend when John Dowd, the head of the president’s outside counsel team, called for the Justice Department to shut down Mr. Mueller’s probe, and continued with tweets from the president alleging Mr. Mueller’s team included “some big Crooked Hillary supporters.”

On Monday, Mr. Trump dug in further, by adding Joseph diGenova to his legal team, overseen by Mr. Dowd. Mr. Mueller is probing Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and whether any Trump associates colluded with Moscow in its effort. (Mr. Trump denies collusion, and the Kremlin denies it meddled.)
The addition of Mr. diGenova, who in 1992 was appointed independent counsel during the George H. W. Bush administration to probe the State Department’s search of Bill Clinton’s passport files, is the first change to the legal team since last summer, when the president ordered Mr. Dowd to take over, Rebecca Ballhaus reports. A former U.S. attorney with decades of experience with government investigations, Mr. diGenova recently told Fox News: “Make no mistake about it, a group of FBI and DOJ people were trying to frame Donald Trump of a falsely created crime,” referring to the Department of Justice and what has evolved into a special counsel probe.
In a new WSJ/NBC News poll, there are signs voters are shifting their view on Mr. Mueller as more is known about his investigation. More people in our survey still have a positive view on him (28%, the same as in January’s poll). But 19% now have a negative view of him, compared with 14% in January. Others had a neutral opinion or didn’t know the name.
Asked their sentiments on Mr. Mueller, 33% of Republicans expressed a negative view, a new high in our poll, compared with 11% who had positive feelings. Meanwhile, Democrats have never felt better about Mr. Mueller: 47% hold a positive sentiment, also a new high, with just 9% expressing a negative view.
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