Auditor-General candidate Frank Pinto visits Erie

Frank Pinto who is a candidate for Auditor-General of Pennsylvania visited Erie at the Siebenbeuerger Club on January 20, 2012 at 7:30 pm and addressed a Republican crowd. He was articulate, knowledgeable and humorous with reference to his upbringing and his thoughts on today’s political climate especially prevalent in the caucuses of the State Committee and the governor’s office.

He is a former professor at LaSalle college, Villanova University and University of Pennsylvania with experience in real estate, small business and as a CEO of the PA  Association of Community Bankers. His conservative credentials extend from Goldwater, Reagan and Santorum with service in the Senate Republican Caucus with Senator John Heinz.

His motto is that ” He’s smart, He’s tough and Nobody owns him” and he promises to serve only one term unlike six previous Auditor-Generals who ran for Governor.

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