A message from Mrs. Amy Freed: The Right Man

Last night, after David and I put our three children to bed, we had a free moment to watch the evening speeches at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. We were inspired by a few great ones.

We were both so impressed by Ann Romney’s speech. As she spoke about her husband, his readiness to lead, and the experience that brought him to where he is today as the Party’s nominee, I couldn’t help thinking of the man sitting next to me on our couch in Camp Hill.

David Freed is the experienced prosecutor and principled leader Pennsylvania needs and deserves in the Attorney General’s office. My husband has been prosecuting cases in Pennsylvania for the better part of 15 years – the last 7 of which he’s been the District Attorney in our home county of Cumberland.

What you may not know about David is that he has the support of more than 40 District Attorneys across Pennsylvania. We are thrilled to receive this overwhelming response from his trusted colleagues. This support proves to me that he is the most qualified candidate to lead our commonwealth. If these trusted leaders from across the state – as well as the Republicans and Democrats David and I have met on the trail over the past 10 months – are wholeheartedly putting their trust in him, I’m hopeful that you will too.

I have absolutely no doubt that David is the right man to lead as Attorney General of Pennsylvania. To steal a line from Mrs. Romney’s speech last night: “This is our commonwealth. This is our future. These are our children and grandchildren. You can trust David Freed.”

Thank you for your hard work and for your commitment to our campaign.

Amy Freed

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