Obama, ACLU lose war on voter’s rights

Did you hear the news?

Today, Pennsylvanians won a huge victory!  Despite the ACLU’s attack on commonsense election reforms, a Commonwealth Court judge ruled in favor of protecting Pennsylvania voters and keeping the new Voter ID law intact.

This is a major victory and one that is critical to maintaining the integrity of our elections.  

While Democrats will continue their fear-mongering, we need to stand up and fight for everyone’s right to vote. Will you sign up to volunteer and help us fight for fair elections in Pennsylvania?

We already know President Obama will do and say anything to be reelected. The ACLU is appealing the ruling and will again attempt to pressure our justice system into allowing illegal votes – here in Pennsylvania – to be cast, impacting not only the election of our next President,  but all down-ballot races too.

That’s why we need your help today.  We must continue to beat back the President’s attempts here in Pennsylvania so he isn’t emboldened to try it elsewhere.  Will you sign up to volunteer today?

Across the nation, President Obama and his friends at the ACLU are suing states over their Voter ID laws which will block ACORN-like antics. The President isn’t fighting for the rights of the people; he is fighting for his political future.

Thanks for your support,

Rob Gleason
Rob Gleason

Chairman, PaGOP

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