Erie County GOP Headquarters Open House and Super Saturday hugely successful

Erie County Republican headquarters had an open house between 5 and 8 pm on August 3, 2012 at 2206 W 15th street in Millcreek Township.

L to R: Bowman Root, Phil English, Verel Salmon, Mike Kelly and Diana Irey Vaughan

Well attended and hugely successful evening had refreshments served with volunteers and local candidates meeting and greeting party members. Janet Anderson candidate for Pa Senate, Jason Owen Pa House-3 and Greg Lucas Pa House-5 were highly visible with Janet giving interviews to local TV stations–WICU, WSEE and WJET. A crowd of about a hundred guests mingled among themselves and with the candidates and their campaign staff.

Super Saturday was blasted in with inspirational speeches given by Congressman Mike Kelly, former Congressman Phil English and State Treasurer candidate Diana Irey Vaughan today August 4, 2012 at party HQ. Numerous volunteers manning the phone banks and preparing to go door to door visits were at party HQ.

Mike Kelly was especially rousing in his call to rally for the November elections and for the party workers not to rest until November 7, the day after the elections.

Phil English commented on the poor economy and the dismal jobs report that was announced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics yesterday especially of the escalating unemployment rate to 8.3% and the declining labor participation rate. He faulted the policies of President Obama as the reason for the continuing economic problems facing this nation and the need to defeat Mr. Obama in November. Later on  Mr. English introduced Bowman Root, Esq as the Romney Campaign Coordinator for Erie County.

Diana Irey Vaughan emphasized the need for fiscal discipline and to reclaim the government from systemic problems inherent within it by using military-type discipline and strategy. She was accompanied by her husband a retired State Police officer and a member of the Army Reserves.

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