You didn’t bake this: Happy birthday Mr. President

Today is President Obama’s 51st birthday, and I’m writing you today to ask for your help in wishing him a happy birthday!

Happy Birthday President Obama

We have a special surprise for our friends over at the Pennsylvania Democratic Party headquarters. Yesterday, we delivered this birthday cake for the President!  We figured the best way to celebrate the President’s birthday was by giving him a cake highlighting the over 100 rounds of golf he has played since he became President.

I’ve heard the President has developed quite a game out on the links since taking office. And it’s no wonder- instead of being a President of action and working to create jobs, he’s spent more time on the White House putting green than in the West Wing. Give $10.51, $20.51, or even $51 today and let’s show the president his last birthday in the White House!


Rob Gleason
Republican Party of Pennsylvania

P.S. President Obama may be a scratch golfer, but he’s shooting triple bogeys on the economy.

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