Phil English inaugurates Romney campaign in Erie County

July 6, 2012: Former US Representative Phil English opened the Erie County Victory campaign for Mitt Romney today at the Clarion Hotel Bel-Aire Conference Center in Erie, PA at noon. A. press conference format was used by Mr. English in promoting Mitt Romney’s campaign to secure the presidency of the United States.

This coincides with the opening of Republican Party Headquarters at 2206 W 15th Street where the Victory Center is also located under the direction of Vince Pascarella who can be contacted through this website or for volunteer work from contacting voters through phone banks or door-to-door campaigning.

Mr. English was elaborate in his support for Mitt Romney because of his personal and political knowledge of Mr. Romney’s comprehensive knowledge of the economy and job creation. His strengths are in understanding the economy and private enterprise and his policies will include tax reform, fiscal responsibility and regulatory restraints. Attacks against him on outsourcing jobs have been largely debunked by Factcheck as being false.

Poor job numbers which were released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of an 8.2% unemployment rate, 12.7 million people unemployed and creation of a mere 80,000 jobs in June which most economists say is not enough to lower the unemployment figures.

President Obama commenting on the same numbers today said that it is heading in the right direction. Mr. English said that Mr. Obama does not understand that it is neither headed in the right direction nor his earlier comment that the private sector is doing well. This reveals Mr. Obama’s inability to understand the problem or to lead this country out of its economic problems.

In 2008 election John McCain received only 39% of the votes in Erie County and he lost Pennsylvania and the election. Mr. English also lost his reelection bid, but he reiterated that this November Mr. Romney can carry the state if he does well in Erie County and he urged the supporters to renew efforts to secure votes in the county. He noted that Mr. Obama must win Pennsylvania and his chances of reelection are not good otherwise.

Mr. English answered questions from the audience concerning many aspects of Mr. Romney’s campaign which included PPACA decision by the Supreme Court recently but Mr. English emphasized that 55% of the public is interested in improving the economy contrasting with only a 10-12% interest in health care.

The press conference concluded with a resounding applause from enthusiastic supporters numbering about one hundred people.



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